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Top 10 New Zealand Business Directories

New Zealand Business Directories
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In New Zealand, business directories are a popular stop for Kiwis actively looking for products, services, or businesses to buy from. This is due to the fact that business directories typically feature easily accessible business information of several similar businesses, filterable by the users’ criteria such as location/proximity, pricing, features, open hours, and a combination of criteria that may be useful for a user to find the right brand for their specific need.

According to Think With Google, 54 percent of online searchers are looking for business hours, 53 percent want directions to a store, and 50 percent are searching for an address. Ensure to include this information in your listing so searchers can find what they need.

The ease of use, the relevance of the content, and the ability to compare several businesses in one place with minimal effort make business directory sites quite attractive to Kiwis for making informed buying decisions.

Why You Should List Your Business on Business Directories

  1. Discoverability. While business directories are an excellent tool for users actively looking for services and businesses to purchase from, they simultaneously provide exposure and sales opportunities for businesses.
  2. Reputation Management. Trust plays a vital role in an online purchase decision. Customers often prefer to see brands elsewhere than their own websites to evaluate credibility. This makes business directories suitable for improving the online reputation of brands. Seeing your business alongside similar businesses helps potential customers to identify the unique selling point of your business and provide that third-party voice of confirmation buyers need through honest reviews and ratings of others.
  3. Backlinks for SEO. Just as trust is essential to people, domain authority is vital for search engines to rank a site in search results. The more quality websites link back to yours for the product or service you offer, the higher your domain authority and the higher your site’s ranking. Therefore, a business directory link to your site is a strong ‘vote of confidence’ due to its content relevance to search queries.

How to Identify a Quality Business Directory

Not all business directories are created equal. Business owners should pay attention to how their brands are represented on any platform. The top ten business directories in New Zealand have been selected based on their popularity and the following important criteria;

  1. Popularity. Many factors contribute to a domain’s ranking on search engines. The domain authority, which is a result of the quality of its backlinks, page load speed, mobile friendliness, and content relevance to queried keywords, all play a part. As a business owner, you want to list your brand in a directory that is already popular on search engines to increase the chances of your business’s discoverability and the quality of the backlink resulting from such a listing.
  2. Size. People like to have options, which is one of the main reasons they turn to a business directory in the first place. So the more businesses are available to choose from per user criteria, the higher the chances of finding the right one and the more valuable the directory for the user.
  3. Usability. The ease of use of a website would contribute to whether a user will enjoy their experience and return or not. People (and search engines) prefer secure, fast-loading, mobile-first platforms with intuitive search and filterability functionalities that would allow them to quickly find desired results based on their unique requirements. A directory with excellent user experience is a valuable one.
  4. Information accuracy. Up-to-date details of the listed businesses are paramount for a great user experience. Imagine a situation where a user has finally identified a potential brand they would like to engage, only to discover the business is no longer operational or the contact details are obsolete. Good business directories don’t just have listed companies; they also put in place measures to ensure the details of those businesses are accurate and up to date at all times.

Top 10 New Zealand Business Directories

Based on the factors above, we have carefully put together the top 10 business directories below for your consideration if you are a New Zealand business owner.

1. Business Directory

100% New Zealand-owned and operated, this directory tops the list of business directories in New Zealand with a fresh, modern, and stylish design. It checks all the boxes above. The Business Directory makes it easy for customers to discover, compare, and review local businesses. The site also provides a robust and interactive user dashboard to view traffic insights, manage your listing, and connect with customers directly. It’s a premium service that offers great value at only $2 per month.

2. Google Business Profile

Formally known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is another no-brainer. It is a fantastic service that helps increase your business visibility in Google search and Google maps for your business location. It is free, easy and personalised, with the ability to add your business hours, photos and posts. All New Zealand businesses should be listed with Google Business.

3. Neighbourly

In addition to being a secure neighbourhood website designed just for you and your neighbours, the Neighbourly business directory also provides services to find local businesses throughout the country. Basic listings with limited reach are free, but their premium listings start at $24.90 per month.

4. Yellow

Although more popularly known as a phone book, the Yellow online directory has been around for a while and is undoubtedly one of the biggest New Zealand business directories available. Yellow Online Profile offers local business listings online with free and premium plans starting at $5 per month.

5. Business List

Business List is part of a global network of directories that includes many other directory websites. Like most of the other directories on this page, they list companies and services all over New Zealand. The website allows visitors to review and recommend businesses and products that they have used. Although they have a free standard plan, their premium services start at $250 per year.

6. Localist

Localist connects customers with over 200,000 New Zealand businesses with a simple and modern website. If you have no website, no problem. Localist lets business owners create a store and sell their products and services on the site. This feature sets them apart from other New Zealand business directories. At $4.99 per month, Localist offers excellent value for money.

7. Finda

Dubbed “New Zealand’s premier business directory,” Finda is a great place to list your business for discoverability. They claim that, on average, 633,000 Kiwis use Finda monthly to find, discover, and review businesses near them. They have a basic free listing option, and according to the site, “we’ll be honest, you don’t get much.” However, their premium plan starts at $295 per year.

8. NZ Small Business directory

The NZ Small Business Directory can be great for getting exposure for your small business, and your directory items are controlled entirely by you. They have a member interface where you can log in, change any details, add special promotions, and much more! They have free basic and premium plans starting at $20 per year.

9. Local Biz

With the goal of connecting locals and so many categories to choose from, LocalBiz endeavours to ensure your business is found whenever your customer is searching.

10. Hotfrog

Hotfrog operates in 44 countries and helps 69 million businesses reach new customers globally. Hotfrog is an excellent tool for companies looking to connect with new customers in New Zealand and offers good SEO benefits. An easy social media login option makes it easy to get started.

In conclusion, listing your business on these New Zealand business directories can improve your brand exposure, online reputation, and domain ranking and increase sales. But in addition to a business directory’s popularity, size, usability, and information accuracy, business owners should pay attention to how their brands are represented on any platform. This is important for building a consistent online presence, which can have a big effect on the credibility of a business.

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