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Share post has announced its plan to integrate with Shopify as a new payment option at the start of April 2024, marking exciting news for the e-commerce industry. This marks a significant advancement in secure online transactions, particularly for high-value sales on digital platforms. By collaborating with, Shopify merchants will have access to a powerful tool to help them expand into new and diverse markets.

If you are unfamiliar with, it is an online platform providing a safe financial arrangement for buyers and sellers. It works as an impartial third party, holding funds until all the terms of the transaction are fulfilled. This guarantees that both parties can engage in a secure and hassle-free exchange without concerns about payment issues or fraud. has been operating for over twenty years and has processed over $4.5 billion in secure transactions since its inception. The Better Business Bureau has recognised it as the leading provider of secure online transactions.

Online, your customers can’t see your smile or handshake. So, the little things matter even more.

— Lisa Suttora

Trust is the key element at the heart of every successful online transaction, and’s services are particularly advantageous for high-value transactions where trust is crucial. Keeping the funds in escrow until the agreement’s terms are met reduces the risk of fraud and ensures a secure transaction environment for both parties.

Why Integration on Shopify is a Game-changer

Real-world applications of in e-commerce include the sale of digital goods and services, such as domains, websites, apps, digital art, or online businesses. Given the intangible nature of these goods, ensuring a secure transaction can be challenging. However, with, the payment is held until the buyer confirms that they have received the digital product or service as described.

The decision to integrate as a payment option on Shopify is exceptionally well-suited, given the following unparalleled features it offers:

  • Enhanced Security: By holding funds in a secure escrow account until all conditions are satisfied, minimises the risk of fraud, offering a layer of protection unmatched by traditional payment methods.
  • Established Trust:’s proven track record of reliability and integrity offers peace of mind to both parties in a transaction, fostering a secure and trustworthy trading environment.
  • Opportunity for Growth: The ability to conduct secure transactions for high-value items enables Shopify merchants to explore and capitalise on new markets and revenue streams, further expanding their business horizons.
  • Dispute resolution service: In case of disagreements between the buyer and the seller, provides an impartial dispute resolution process. This service helps resolve issues efficiently and fairly, thereby maintaining the trust and integrity of the transaction.

Enhancing Shopify with Secure Transaction Capabilities

Imagine an entrepreneur keen to acquire a premium domain name priced at $8,500 for their startup. They decided to purchase from Brand Cadabra, a platform that operates on Shopify and specialises in high-quality domain names. They opt to use the Escrow payment option to facilitate a secure transaction. Here’s how it works:

  1. Secure Payment Holding: temporarily holds the $8,500 payment after the entrepreneur initiates the purchase. This step ensures that the money is safe and will only be handed over when specific conditions are met, providing security for both the buyer and the seller.
  2. Domain Transfer: Brand Cadabra then transfers the domain name to the entrepreneur. This involves changing the registrant details to reflect the new owner’s information, effectively moving control of the domain to the entrepreneur.
  3. Confirmation and Release: Once the entrepreneur confirms they have complete control over the domain and are satisfied with the transfer, releases the payment to Brand Cadabra.

This process ensures that the entrepreneur’s payment is only transferred to Brand Cadabra once they have successfully gained control of the domain name. It offers a layer of protection and satisfaction assurance that is especially important in high-value online transactions.

This approach safeguards the buyer’s investment and secures the seller’s assurance of receiving payment. It cultivates a trustworthy and efficient environment for nuanced transactions, reinforcing mutual trust among all parties involved.

A New Era for E-commerce Transactions

The forthcoming integration of into Shopify signifies a pivotal moment for many online merchants. It will provide them with the tools they need to expand their businesses into new domains safely. By offering a secure platform for high-value transactions, Shopify and are setting a new standard in e-commerce, ensuring that merchants have the confidence to explore innovative markets and opportunities.

This partnership between Shopify and Escrow will improve security and trust in online transactions, which could lead to a broader acceptance of high-stakes sales in digital commerce. As the integration progresses, Shopify merchants can expect to benefit from this transformative partnership, marking a significant leap forward in the pursuit of secure and diversified e-commerce solutions in a nuanced marketplace.

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